Terms & Condition

How We Collect Information

I/We confirm that we have carefully read and understood all the terms and conditions and privacy policy of availing services offered by Finplex group website at https://finplex.in/terms-and-conditions and https://finplex.in/privacy-policy.

I/We accept the terms and conditions unconditionally and agree that these terms and conditions may be amended from time-to-time and I agree to abide by these revised terms and conditions.

I/We understand that the sanction of any loan is at the sole discretion of NBFCs and Banks that are offering these loans on Finplex platform (Lending Partners). Any sanction of loan(s) is subject to my/our execution of necessary documents, providing any securities and other requirements to the satisfaction of Lending Partners. I/We agree to furnish any additional documents or information required by Finplex from time-to-time. Finplex and its Lending Partners reserve the right to retain any documents submitted and may not return the same.

I/we warrant and represent that

  • I/we am/are resident of India and I/we shall promptly inform Finplex of any possible change in my residence status

  • All the information provided by me/us is true and accurate and I/we have not withheld any material information from Finplex.

  • There are no insolvency proceedings against me/us nor have I/we have ever been adjudged insolvent.

  • I/we shall inform Finplex about any changes in my/our employment/occupation and to provide further information if required by Finplex and;

  • I/we agree with the Privacy policy of Finplex, as revised from time-to-time.

I/we undertake and acknowledge that

  • Finplex and/or its Lending Partners may access credit report with information about credit history from any credit information company authorised by RBI for all the applicants and co-applicants. I have obtained consent from all co-applicants in this regard and

  • Credit information companies may use and process all information about me/us provided by Finplex in any manner that they seem fit.

I/We further authorise Finplex and its affiliates to keep me/us informed about all their products, services and any promotional schemes.